Recruitment Outsourcing Service

Direct sourcing service

Professional recruiters act
on behalf of you for the direct sourcing

We use all direct sourcing media centering around LinkedIn to substitute for customers . "LinkedIn" already uses more than 500 million people worldwide and 1.7 million people in Japan already. In addition, many other direct sourcing media are used in the Japanese recruitment market.

However, when you actually use direct sourcing media, it is very difficult to implement everything in the Human Resources department due to the lack of experience, knowledge and skill. Therefore, we will do the activities regarding the direct sourcing to find some talented candidates matching to your requirement on be half of you everyday and you will create more stable and proactive hiring process that does not depend of the agencies.

Professional recruiters act on behalf of you for the direct sourcing
  • No Success fee

    No initial cost. No success fee.We only ask the monthly fee for our activities such as the sourcing, scouting and media service.

  • Available for any kind of direct sourcing media

    We will propose the optimized media and process for your direct sourcing

  • Certified LinkedIn Recruiters

    All sourcers are certified of LinkedIn Recruiter

Employment Branding Service

By implementing the employment branding strategy, you can enhance your recruiting capability and increase the candidates' quality and cost effectiveness in the long term. The engaged candidates' response rate is more than twice of non-engaged candidates. Also, the candidates connecting your employees will reply to you 46% higher than the candidates who are not. In addition, the company utilizes the 3 core solutions, branding, job posting and recruiter license will produce 75% higher results than the company that does not. We provide some branding services including the strategy, tools and process to make your hiring activities efficient and effective.

Employment Branding Service
  • Planning the story

    We will consider and design the story to engage with your target

  • Design and production
    of branding products

    We will produce video / slideshare based on the story

  • Operational support

    We will keep supporting your branding activities to build your talent pipeline


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