Company Profile

Company Profile

company name Direct sourcing Co., Ltd.
Establishment November 2015
Capital 10 million yen
location 2-7-4 Aomi, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135-0064
CEO Tomoaki Takemura
Officer Kenta Mishima
T E L +81 3-3527-5355
F A X +81 3-3527-5356




Tomoaki Takemura

Our mission is to "transform the recruitment activities with the power of technology".

In the field of mid-career recruitment in Japan, most of the results are based on agencies where charge the success fee.In other countries, "direct sourcing","Referral" and "alumnai network" are the main strategy for hiring. And LinkedIn is one of main tools to for the direct sourcing.

With such a market environment, the skills required for the recruiters are changing drastically. Various abilities such as branding, marketing, sourcing, writing, etc. to engage with candidates are becoming essential skills. In near future, it will be essential skills in Japan to discover and engage with candidates by utilizing LinkedIn and many other recruitment databases.

As the only Japanese business partner of LinkedIn, we will propose various methods effectively and efficiently to discover the best talent for companies with our own professional direct sourcing and employement branding service.

竹村朋晃Tomoaki Takemura


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