Successful Experience of LinkedIn Operations
with over 200 companies
From Strategizing to Execution Support of
Talent Acquisitions on LinkedIn

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What are the Most Challenging
Recruiting Activities
on LinkedIn?

  • No Expertise in
    Operations on LinkedIn

  • No Hiring

  • No Company Member
    Available to Operate LinkedIn

  • Too Many Processes
    to Follow

  • No Response
    from Candidates

  • Cannot Brand
    to Attract Talents

Reasons Why You Should Use LinkedIn

Why You Should
Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn has over
800 million users globally,
and over 3 million
users in Japan

From Japan’s leading companies as well as venture companies, LinkedIn has many successful achievements of talent acquisition for many companies and has grown to become one of the largest media in Japan.
(As of january 2023)

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Why You Should
Use LinkedIn

It covers all processes
from raising recognition
to hiring

LinkedIn has all the solutions you need for your journey starting from raising recognition to scouting.
It is therefore possible to conduct seamless talent acquisition.

With Top-class Expertise in Operating
LinkedIn in Japan,

Directsourcing will Solve Your Problems

Directsourcing is the first LinkedIn partner in Japan
We assist designing recruitment strategy, and its execution based on
successful experience with over 100 companies

Our LinkedIn Services

Post Job

  • Approach talents that match your requirements

  • Flexibly change the targeting position by needs

  • No hassle in managing your list of candidates

You can publish your job advertisement just like a recruiting media.
What sets it apart from other media is its ability to limit those who will see your advertisement to talents in specific industries or occupations.


  • Approaching appropriate candidates promptly

  • Scouting with message emphasizing connection

  • Coordinating with ATS(Applicant Tracking System)

By using the LinkedIn Recruiter License, you will be able to send scouting messages to LinkedIn users. You will be able to search easily for candidates with high engagement in your company, like those who have personal connections, followers of your company or someone who is very similar to your employees.

Career Page

  • Nurture empathy with your company

  • Show different types of pages to suit each user

  • Appropriate advertisements and strong analysis

Your potential candidates will not decide to change jobs just for their interest in the position.
By reaching out to them with your company’s attraction, more replies to your scout emails and more applications to your job offers could be expected.

Direct Solutions Will Solve Your Problems
in Talent Acquisitions Using LinkedIn


No.1 Experience in Supporting Operations on LinkedIn in Japan

Directsourcing has supported over 100 companies with LinkedIn operations. We have successful experience with talent acquisitions for Japan’s leading companies.

No.1 Experience in Supporting Operations on LinkedIn in Japan


Use Technology to Achieve a High Response Rate of Over 10% in Average

We will optimize your operation process thoroughly by technology. This is a value we can offer because we are a team focused on engineers.


Cloud Report will Strongly Accelerate Your Talent Acquisition PDCA Cycle

You can view your candidate list, response rates and interview rates on our cloud platform.
The PDCA cycle is fast which will lead you to a shorter route to achieving your goals.


Q. How much does your service cost?

Please click "Contact us for LinkedIn Price" to inquiry

Q. Believing LinkedIn is suited for recruiting international candidates. Can you recruit Japanese candidate as well?

LinkedIn has more than 3 million Japanese users domestically (Overall 800 million users globally). Since LinkedIn has the largest share among the job transitioning media in Japan, it is highly effective to employ LinkedIn as a tool for recruiting Japanese candidates.

Q. What industries or occupations is best suited for recruiting on LinkedIn?

DS has substantial and successful cases in any industries and occupations. Most of the cases targeted business people who were in the average annual income range of over ¥4 million.

Could you explain your corporate LinkedIn recruitment solution service?

The following 3 items are the core solutions.
LinkedIn Recruiter ... Candidate search and scout tools
Job Post ... Posting job advertisements
Career Page ... Recruitment Website
DS also offers advertisement tools and referral recruitment facilitation tools. For further detail, please contact us from "Contact Us"

Q. How long is the term of contract?

Basically, the minimum term of contract starts from one year. However, depending on the case, a trial will be available. If you are interested in the trail, please contact us.

Q. Do you have a support system?

Yes, DS offers our support system. Our LinkedIn Customer Success Team will support you. Additionally, if you are under a contract with DS, a business partner of LinkedIn, DS will support you corresponding to LinkedIn's Customer Success Team including sending e-mails, ATS registrations and telephone interviews. If you are interested, please contact us.

Q. Compared to other direct media, what are your strengths?

Our strengths include the number of users, their quality and thier high reply rate. For further details, please contact us from "Request LinkedIn Purchase Information".

Q. Do you have a LinkedIn training program?

If you purchase our Corporate LinkedIn Solution service, you can attend the beginner and advanced training lectures conducted by LinkedIn. LinkedIn also offer an online training video so that you can use our service without any concerns.

Q. Is it possible to use LinkedIn for new graduate recruitment?

Yes, it is possible. You can approach students at famous universities in Japan as well as those who are currently studying abroad. Many of our clients use LinkedIn as a tool for recruiting interns and for substitute the Boston Career Forum.

Steps Until Service Launch

  • 01


    Discussion on your issues with direct talent acquisitions and wanted positions

  • 02


    Research population of each direct media, set KPI for direct talent acquisitions

  • 03


    Conclusion of contract

  • 04


    Launch project

Corporate Profile

Company NameDirect Sourcing Inc.
EstablishmentNovember 2015
CEOTomoaki Takemura
Board of
Tomoaki Takemura(CEO) Co-Founder
Kenta Mishima(CTO) Co-Founder
Kenshi Nakaya(CFO)
Yoshiki Nomiyama(CSO) *Chief Success Officer
Hiroki Akiyama(C3PO)
Masaki Nakazawa(Outside Director)
Katsuyuki Takahashi(Outside Director)
Erika Otabe(Outside Director)
Number of
77 (february 2023)
Location1-1-1 Nishishinbashi Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0003
Capital10 million yen
Bank AccountSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
BusinessData-driven recruiting focused on Direct Sourcing

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We keep our customers’ information and provide our services with a thorough security system and under strict management, We will continue to improve our security environment to ensure our customers a comfortable experience.

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We will Provide a Tailored
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We support strategy planning to execution of
talent acquisitions using LinkedIn