From Strategy Planning to Execution of
Talent Acquisitions using LinkedIn

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What are the most challenging
recruiting activities
on Linkedin?

  • No Expertise
    in Operation of LinkedIn

  • No Accomplishment

  • No Company Member
    Available to Operate LinkedIn

  • Too Many Processes
    to Follow

  • No Response
    from Candidates

  • 採用ブランディングができない

Structural issues in the background

Structural issues
in the background

Most recruitments
in Japan are carried out
through (by) agents
or recruiting media

Structural issues
in the background

Talent Acquisition on
Linkedin requires
Professional Skillsets

With top-class expertise in operating LinkedIn in Japan,
Direct Sourcing (DS) will solve your problems

DS is the first Linkedin partner in Japan

DS assists designing recruitment strategy,
and its execution based on successful experience with over 100companies


Post Job

  • Approach talents that match your requirements

  • Flexibly change the targeting position by needs

  • No hassle in managing your list of candidates

You can publish your job advertisement just like a recruiting media.
What sets it apart from other media is its ability to limit those who will see your advertisement to talents in specific industries or occupations.


  • Approaching appropriate candidates promptly

  • Scouting with message emphasizing connection

  • Coordination(Coordinating)
    with ATS(Applicant Tracking System)

By using the LinkedIn Recruiter License, you will be able to send scouting scout message to LinkedIn registered users. You will be able to search easily for candidates with high engagements with your company, like those who have personal connections, followers of your company or someone who is very similar to your employees.

Career Page

  • Nurture empathy with your company

  • Show different types of pages to suit each user

  • Appropriate advertisements and strong analysis

Your(Potential) candidates will not decide to change jobs just for their interest in the position itself.
By reaching out to them with your company’s attraction, more replies to your scout emails and more applications to your job offers could be expected.

DS will solve your problems
around (in) Talent Acquisitions using LinkedIn


Leveraging data to
strategize talent acquisitions on LinkedIn

We will(DS) calculates the shortest route to a successful recruitment on LinkedIn based on our past 350,000 cases of sourcing data acquired through LinkedIn-recrutiment.

日本初パートナー, 100社以上の運用支援, 運用実績No.1


Maximize the effect of scouting emails using technology

We will Optimize your operation process thoroughly by technology. This is a value we can offer because we are a team focused on engineers.


Crowd Report will strongly accelerate your talent acquistion PDCA cycle

You can view candidates, reply rates, interview rates on our crowd platform.
The PDCA cycle is fast and will lead you to a shorter route to achieving your goals.


Q. How much does your service cost?

Please click "Download Price List"

Q. What are the recruiting media that you can operate on behalf of us?

We can provide full representative operation on the following 15 media.

  • LinkedIn
  • BizReach
  • Wantedly
  • AMBI
  • Openwork
  • Green
  • forkwelljobs
  • DODA Recruiters
  • Nikkei Career NET
  • Eight Career Design
  • Liiga
  • en Middle-no-Tenshoku
  • LabBase
  • Miidas
  • Qiita Job
  • Paiza
  • キャリトレ
  • キャリアクロス
  • iroots


Q. From when will you be able to manage talent acquistions for us?

We will be able to manage talent acquistions for you after 2 weeks of preparation.

What kinds of companies do you support hiring?

We support mainly foreign companies and large Japanese companies besides venture companies. If you would like to read more cases in detail, please click here.

Q. What are the industries or occupations that you are particularly strong at?

Many of our hiring achievements have been around positions that are oridinarily said to be difficult to acquire(AI engineers, data scientists, CxO Class, researchers etc.) We also have many talent acquistion achievements in other industries and occupations.

Q. How long is the term of contract?

Generally, the shortest term of contract is 6 months. A full-year contract will be available for further discount compared to our 6 months plan. If you desire a shorter term of contract, please contact us from here.

Q. What are the strengths unique to Direct Sourcing?

We have 2 strengths. Firstly, we are able to offer our support in direct talent acquisitions from strategy planning based on data through to its execution. We have our unique sourcing data from all 15 platforms, and therefore can calculate the shortest route to successful talent acquisitions. This is a value we can offer because we are a team focused on engineers.

Secondly, our recruitment support will be offered to you by our staffs with deep understading of the positions. For example, a recruitment support to acquire engineers will be conducted by an ex-engineer, and recruitment for a marketer will be conducted by our ex-marketer staff.

Q. Do you have a support system?

Yes, we do. Even if you do not have any experience in direct talent acquistions, or if you have just started, we will support you so that you can start confidently and achieve results. For example, we have various improvement programs including how to conduct a telephone interview or a casual interview, ways to improve a job advertisement, how to elevate the efficiency of the recuiting process, and how to increase access to your corporate website.

Q. What can we use for our everyday communication?

We basically communicate with our clients through an online platform, but we can also use various tools including e-mails, Slack, Chatwork and Teams.

Q. Do you offer direct talent acquistion support to hire new graduates?

Sure, we can. For details on past cases and achievements, please click here.


Can you support talent acquisitions of those who live abroad?


Sure, we can. For details on past cases and achievements, please click here.


Can we ask you to do our recruitment branding?


Sure, we can. We will construct a media or a social media that is best suited for you based on our analysis on inflow route, user interviews, competitors and etc. We can create and operate a content that can arouse recognition, interest and requirements of the wanted persona. For details of past cases and achievements, please click here.

Q. It seems like our workload will increase due to communication, but how much workload will we be able to cut down if we ask for support by Direct Sourcing?

As a conclusion, your workload will not increase. On the premise that generally, we communicate directly with the person(s) in charge of recruitment and not with person(s) in charge of HR. After kicking-off the project, we would like to ask you for a couple of hours for an initial interview and feedback in order to share the same image of the candidates. Through this process, we will enhance the accuracy, and aim to decrease the process necessary for HR document selection. At a certain company we support, we achieved a document selection passage rate of around 80~90%. In addition, we share the image of our target with person(s) in charge of recruitment based on the accumulated data of candidates to whom the scounting emails have been sent, so we are able to apply the PDCA cycle fast.

Steps until service launch

  • 01


    Discussion on your issues with direct talent acquisitions and wanted positions

  • 02


    Research population of each direct media, set KPI for direct talent acquistions

  • 03


    Conclusion of contract

  • 04


    Launch project

Corporate Profile

Company Name Directsourcing Inc.
Establishment November 2015
CEO Tomoaki Takemura
Board of
Tomoaki Takemura(CEO) Co-Founder
Kenta Mishima(CTO) Co-Founder
Kenshi Nakaya(CFO)
Yoshiki Nomiyama(CSO) *Chief Success Officer
Yosuke Nakamura(COO) *Chief Operation Officer
Katsuyuki Takahashi(Auditor)
Erika Otabe(Auditor)
Number of
Location 2-7-4 Aomi, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135-0064
Capital 10 million yen
Bank Account Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Business Data-driven recruiting focused on direct sourcing

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We will provide a tailored
solution to your problems

We support strategy planning to execution of
talent acquisitions using LinkedIn