Direct Sourcing Inc. Corporate Overview

Corporate Profile

Company NameDirect Sourcing Inc.
EstablishmentNovember 2015
CEOTomoaki Takemura
Board of DirectorsTomoaki Takemura(CEO) Co-Founder
Kenta Mishima(CTO) Co-Founder
Yoshiki Nomiyama(CSO) *Chief Success Officer
Hiroki Akiyama(Director)
Masaki Nakazawa(Auditor)
Number of Employees55(April 2024)
Location1-1-1 Nishishinbashi Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0003
Capital10 million yen
Bank AccountSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
BusinessData-driven recruiting focused on directsourcing Inc.

Privacy Mark Certified Company We keep our customers’ information and provide our services with a thorough security system and under strict management, We will continue to improve our security environment to ensure our customers a comfortable experience.

CEO Message

Chief Executive Officer

Tomoaki Takemura

Our mission is “To bring transformative change to talent acquisition activities of companies through the power of technology.”

The majority of mid-career recruitments in Japan are carried out through result-reward type agents. The agents support companies by finding candidates that match their requirements, and lead them into its recruiting process until employment. It is common for these agents to ask for commission as return.

However, this is the common method of recruitment “in Japan only”. In other countries, recruiting activities are carried out around 3 pillars: “Directsourcing”, “employee referral” and “alumni”. Among these three, Directsourcing and recruitment branding using LinkedIn are especially becoming the main methods to acquire talents in many companies.

Under this market environment, the skills required of a recruitment staff is changing drastically. Needless to say, they will be required a “strong sales capability” as well as various other skills that are also becoming essential, including branding, marketing, sourcing and writing. In the near future, it will become an essential skill for HR teams in Japan to find their own candidates and to lead them into their hiring processes, by using multiple recruiting databases including LinkedIn.

As the first company in Japan to become business partners with LinkedIn, we focus on two areas, “Directsourcing” and “recruitment branding”, and we suggest our clients various techniques to effectively and efficiently find the best talents for their company.